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Looking for the right corporate event DJ in Toronto? Here’s a primer.

Finding The Perfect Corporate Event DJ in Toronto


Music feeds the soul. It helps people feel better about their lives and soothes them when they are down. Music also helps make connections between people. That’s why it’s so important to make music part of a perfect corporate event plan. Whether it’s a Christmas staff party, a big product launch or an awards ceremony, music can set the perfect mood. Hiring an experienced DJ can be a very wise decision. However, not all DJs are created equal. Here’s a primer on finding the right corporate event DJ in Toronto.


Before Contacting Potential DJs


Before beginning the search, decide what kind of mood suits the event being planned. Do you want to rock the room, build excitement or create a feeling of elegance?  Do you want a DJ that is front and centre, charming the crowd with their emcee skills? Or would you rather your disk jockey stays in the background, seamlessly ensuring that the event flows smoothly.


Consider what kind of other skills a DJ can bring to the event. Some of the more established companies offer total sound systems: providing soft music ambiance, microphone set-ups for a variety of speakers as well as a playlist that will get everyone up on their feet and rocking the house. Lighting should also be a part of the planning, especially if the existing lighting at the corporate venue is cold, fluorescent and sterile. Many DJ companies can provide customized lighting including a full LED light show that is synchronized, kinetic and powerful.


What to Ask Before Signing on the Dotted Line


Once you have a strong idea of what you are looking for, start the search. Look for an experienced company with a good roster of disk jockeys so that there is a wide selection to choose from. One DJ may be great for pumping out the tunes for a high school dance but not so great for a high-powered corporate branding conference. A few companies allow customers to check out a potential DJ at similar kinds of events. Look for good online reviews. Then, once you have a DJ in mind, start asking questions.

  • What equipment do they supply?
  • Do they have a back-up plan if the sound system fails?
  • Can they coordinate with the chosen venue?
  • Are they a member of the Canadian Professional Disk Jockey Association?
  • Do they charge overtime if the event goes longer than planned?


One DJ Company that Ticks All the Boxes


One Toronto DJ company that has been getting rave reviews and winning awards is Digital X Entertainment. Founded by veteran DJ and emcee, Melissa Rose, this company has been mixing music and pleasing crowds for over twenty years. They pride themselves on attention to detail and customizing music and lighting to suit every kind of event. Whether it’s a fun retirement party, an all-business trade show or a glamorous fundraiser with tuxedos and sequins, your corporate event will benefit from finding the right DJ. In Toronto, Sound X Entertainment has the experience and skills to pull it off without a hitch.
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